Wrist supplies ships - and so much more.

1,700 employees, 32 operations, almost 2000 partnerships and service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Wrist is ambitious, professional and has a global footprint. Wrist is the world’s largest ship supplier, and does so with efficiency and pride. We operate through our branch offices in all major maritime hubs in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and North America under three different brand names: Wrist Ship Supply, Strachans and Garrets.

Rich in history and tradition, Wrist goes back all the way to 1953. The founder, Mr. Ove Wrist, started his own company. Through the many years in the industry, Wrist has gained precise understanding of what it takes to succeed in the ship supply industry. Our professionalism, dedicated, highly skilled employees and passion has ensured that Wrist remains the best choice still in the 21st century.

Wrist around the world

Grow With Us

What does it take to succeed? What type of person can look at an assignment, a challenge, even the world, and think, “I can contribute meaningfully”? Wrist is successful because of its people. We continue employing passionate personnel who are willing to take the lead, and not only get a job done, but also get it done well.

As a WAP participant, you have the options of growing both personally and professionally. We have excellent opportunities for a broad range of different personas and candidates. The first step is both the easiest and the hardest: taking initiative. As a Wrist employee, having the courage to take initiative is imperative, as it is for you right now.

Will you take initiative and apply for our Wrist Acceleration Program?

Should you choose to apply, you will enjoy the benefits of an exciting international career. You will play a part in helping Wrist grow as a company, while you grow as a person during the two years you are in the Program. The international work experience offered through this huge and professional network is invaluable. It will provide a skillset useful both at Wrist, but also at any number of companies and corporations worldwide. Upon the end of the program, the best performers will become part of the Wrist talent pool of future leaders.

Wrist facts

  • Wrist has approximately 1,700 employees located in 32 offices across the world
  • Wrist's headquarters are situated in Aalborg, Denmark
  • Wrist is the world's leading general ship suppliers
  • Wrist offers a product catalogue that holds more than 100,000 items