What is the Wrist Acceleration Program

The Wrist Acceleration Program is an intensive 2-year journey, where we offer you the best possible framework for growth, advancement and development of your business persona and skills.

The program focuses on your professional development through key learning activities with the goal of grooming and preparing you for a global career within our organization. You will run into countless opportunities to demonstrate your strengths and improve your developing areas, through the best combination of “on the job”-training and classroom learning. Additionally, we will assign a senior executive to be your personal mentor, who will help ensure you have all the support you need to succeed – the rest is up to you!

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Note: We cannot accept applications for the US and Europe, unless you already have the right to live and work in these countries.

“On the job”-training
Do you feel like enhancing your business skills in a secure environment, surrounded by a great team of experts, encouraging you to take the lead? Then you will gain a lot from the program’s practical training.

You will be assigned to a business unit, where you will be able to show both your inner team player and your inner leader. You will be part of the daily operations, developing your business knowledge and skills, and you will soon be responsible for your own projects and KPIs.

During this time, you will not only have achieved an excellent understanding of our general ship supply operations and industry, you will also have gained a lot of working experience and knowledge of your own leadership style through different assignments given by the senior management team.

Are you prepared to channel your inner academic and take notes too? As a supplement to the practical training, you and your fellow graduate colleagues, from around the world, will participate in four week-long modules of classroom training, near Wrist’s headquarters in Denmark.

During these modules, you will develop meaningful business and leadership skills by working on challenging real-life business dilemmas, where you will get to present your recommendation to the Company’s senior management team.

Global Career
If you have an international mindset and a dream of working with colleagues, partners and customers from around the world, then look no further – this program is for you!

During the Wrist Acceleration Program (WAP), you will meet and work with people with various nationalities, backgrounds and cultures, where you will develop an invaluable global network for your future career. Every day, your cultural awareness and communication skills will be improved through the daily operations in the business unit.

So, if a future with an opportunity to travel the world, expand your horizon and pursue a global career is appealing to you, then take the initiative, apply for the Wrist Acceleration Program and join our global team!

Help us make an impact!
Do you aspire to make a change in the world or at least have an impact? Maybe you dream of leaving a permanent mark on your work? Join us in our journey towards greater sustainability and take part in our aspirations of a greener organization and industry.

As the world’s leading ship and offshore supplier of provisions and stores, we take great responsibility for our impact on the environment. We take great measures and work towards raising awareness in our industry and ensure sustainable development with the goal of reducing our environmental impact. Join us and help us towards growth in alignment with the UN Global Goals and making an impact on our industry, our organization and our environment!

Are you still interested in the Wrist Acceleration Program and want to know if you’ve got what it takes? Or have you already checked that you are eligible for applying to the program and want to learn about our application process?

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Module overview

Module I
The Wrist House
Aalborg, DK · Q1
Module I · The Wrist House
  • On this first module, you will meet your fellow graduate colleagues from around the world.
  • What is Wrist Ship Supply – and how is it structured?
  • Who are our customers?
  • What does our value proposition consist of?
  • What are our main production resources?
  • How are we organized?
  • And not least – at the module, you will have an opportunity to meet the senior leadership team in person.
Module II
The Finance Room
Aalborg, DK · Q2
Module II · The Finance Room
  • During this module you get a full overview of financial terms a future business leader needs to know.
  • What key financial figures does Wrist Ship Supply primarily focus on?
  • How do you influence those figures?
  • Cash flow, Networking capital, earnings and market share are our main concerns.
  • How can you as a graduate work with this?
Module III
The People Room
Aalborg, DK · Q3
Module III · The People Room

Even though the Wrist Acceleration Program isn’t a management education, many of you will shortly after you have graduated find yourselves in managerial positions, therefore this module is about leading others:

  • Learn about your own preferred leadership style.
  • Situational Leadership – who different situations calls for different leadership styles.
  • Motivation – how does that work?
  • Why is Delegation and follow up important:
  • Planning and Performance management
Module IV
Leadership & Team Management
Aalborg, DK · Q4
Module IV · Leadership & Team Management
  • During the last module of your WAP training you will train how to actually manage a team.
  • You will take turns in managing the rest of your graduate colleagues and get feedback on you performance afterwards.
  • We build you up as a team. A team of future key players in the Wrist Ship Supply organization.

Career Path

Team leader level leading
Manager level leading through others or a function
Business Manager level
Group Management (C-suite)
Hannah Chen

Wrist – Guangdong

How have you been challenged during the program?

It was challenging when we got assignments and projects where I have no background knowledge I can refer to, but this is also an exciting part as I got much sense of accomplishment when I learned new things and developed new skills. I was also challenged at the very beginning when we need to do some projects in teams. It takes time for people to work as a real team, but this is also how I learned the importance and beauty of team-work.


Can you give an example of the type of responsibility you are given during the program?
As the major developing process is through our daily work, I held responsibility for processing purchasing orders from inventory managers sitting in different branches and making sure containers from China were dispatched to branches timely with correct papers.


How have you benefitted from the relations with your mentor from the executive team?
Having a mentor that I can reach out to is always a grateful thing for me. My mentor is a great source of knowledge who helped me understand the business. What I have benefitted from is his support. There was time I was eager to find out a specific area to focus on. I wonder whether it should be procurement, sales, warehousing or other functionalities. I was trying to find a way while I have limited or no experience that enables me to work it out. In a talk with my mentor, he shared his own experience and let me know I don’t have to rush to something. It takes time to find what you really interested in and what you can make your own contribution.

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Application process

Interested in applying? The application process is simple:

  • Submit the online application form
  • Upload:
    1. CV
    2. Cover letter
    3. Certifications or transcripts
  • Then you will receive a link for two assessments – a cognitive and a personal.

Exploring the Wrist Acceleration Program

Your main areas of responsibility and focus will correspond to your current career and educational background. You will develop your skill set based on your current level through a solid learning curve provided by the Program. The learning curve will be challenging but also help boost your personal and professional skills. This all culminates in your graduation and a discussion about your future career possibilities at Wrist.


Essentially, we challenge you based on your current abilities. By giving you responsibility, testing you and helping you grow, the Program allows you to become a valuable asset full of confidence and applicable skills.