Wrist Acceleration Program

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

Ten thousand years ago, humans created ships. Three thousand years ago, they began exploring with ships. Since then, ancient Egyptians have fished, the Vikings have raided and the Romans have conquered. The Age of Discovery suddenly made the world a smaller place. Ships have done everything from transporting spices, moving soldiers and, in the case of the Titanic, become somewhat of a legend.

Now, though, the world is slightly different. A significant amount of important goods is transported over water, creating traffic on global trade lanes. The world needs ships, and Wrist make sure the ships have food and stores on board – Wrist is a ship supplier. Wrist takes pride in employing professional, dedicated and skilled employees. This is where you come in.

The Wrist Acceleration Program is an intensive 2-year journey. You must be eager to learn, and appreciate the challenge of varying work, routine as well as demanding in nature.

The Program is built on practical learning. During the two years, you will be assigned to a branch and be part of the daily operations. During the job assignment, you will develop practical skills in the workplace. You will learn by doing. This way, we ensure that you will have an excellent understanding of the ship supply operations at the end of the program.

To supplement the practical education, you will participate in classroom training at four weeklong modules during the two years. The training will take place near Wrist’s headquarters in Denmark. You will join your fellow graduate colleagues from around the world for a week of concentrated learning about business and leadership. During the modules, you are expected to work on challenging real-life business dilemmas, and you will be expected to present your recommendation to the Company’s senior management team. You will feel stretched and tested during these four modules, and through this process, you will get to know your own leadership style. We believe that the combination of “on the job” training and classroom learning will give you the best possible start for a progressive career at Wrist.

The Program focuses on your professional development. Because of this, you will be assigned a professional mentor to help guide you in navigating though the two-year Program. You will have the support you need to succeed, and you will soon develop a strong global network.

The work is demanding – we expect you can handle tight timelines, and be willing to share the workload – also when the tasks are routine and mundane in nature. It will, however, give you extremely valuable experience. Should you join for the Program and complete it, you will have succeeded in a dynamic, professional and fun work environment. Ultimately giving you hugely useful skills for your future career.

Module overview

Module I
The Wrist House
Aalborg, DK · Q4 2018 · 1 week
Module I · The Wrist House
  • On this first module, you will meet your fellow graduate colleagues from around the world.
  • What is Wrist Ship Supply – and how is it structured?
  • Who are our customers?
  • What does our value proposition consist of?
  • What are our main production resources?
  • How are we organized?
  • And not least – at the module, you will have an opportunity to meet the senior leadership team in person.
Module II
The Finance Room
Aalborg, DK · Q2 2019 · 1 week
Module II · The Finance Room
  • During this module you get a full overview of financial terms a future business leader needs to know.
  • What key financial figures does Wrist Ship Supply primarily focus on?
  • How do you influence those figures?
  • Cash flow, Networking capital, earnings and market share are our main concerns.
  • How can you as a graduate work with this?
Module III
The People Room
Aalborg, DK · Q4 2019 · 1 week
Module III · The People Room

Even though the Wrist Acceleration Program isn’t a management education, many of you will shortly after you have graduated find yourselves in managerial positions, therefore this module is about leading others:

  • Learn about your own preferred leadership style.
  • Situational Leadership – who different situations calls for different leadership styles.
  • Motivation – how does that work?
  • Why is Delegation and follow up important:
  • Planning and Performance management
Module IV
Leadership & Team Management
Aalborg, DK · Q2 2020 · 1 week · Graduation
Module IV · Leadership & Team Management
  • During the last module of your WAP training you will train how to actually manage a team.
  • You will take turns in managing the rest of your graduate colleagues and get feedback on you performance afterwards.
  • We build you up as a team. A team of future key players in the Wrist Ship Supply organization.

Career Path

Team leader level leading
Manager level leading through others or a function
Business Manager level
Group Management (C-suite)
Phillip McClung

Wrist – Houston

What are your ambitions for the future?
It is my goal to make an impact at Wrist and stay part of the company. I want to leave a permanent mark so that people may look at my work and recognize it as my work.


What part of the job makes you smile, or gives you most job satisfaction?
Every day is a new challenge and a lot of things are going on. Every costumer I ever worked with has very diverse backgrounds. And so, we have to be able to adapt and be ready for any challenge. It is always a good feeling, knowing that you did everything that you could and you solved all the issues and problems a given day may present. It is challenging, but very rewarding.


How would a typical day look like for you?
On a normal workday, I come into the office, usually check my emails and go through phone calls and voicemails from captains. Then I contact customers, make sure that we maintain a positive relationship. Having happy customers is extremely important to us. My day is spent ensuring that we deliver on global promise.

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Application process

Interested in applying? The application process is simple. The three things you need to know:


Apply through the form here

Start date for the Program: September 1, 2018.

Application deadline: Continuous process

Exploring the Wrist Acceleration Program

Your main areas of responsibility and focus will correspond to your current career and educational background. You will develop your skill set based on your current level through a solid learning curve provided by the Program. The learning curve will be challenging but also help boost your personal and professional skills. This all culminates in your graduation and a discussion about your future career possibilities at Wrist.


Essentially, we challenge you based on your current abilities. By giving you responsibility, testing you and helping you grow, the Program allows you to become a valuable asset full of confidence and applicable skills.