Your qualifications?

Which qualities and qualifications are we looking for? Are you eligible for applying to this challenging Wrist Acceleration Program?

Potential applicants must be able to certain requirements. You must hold at least Bachelor’s degree, or a degree of similar nature. We favor academic disciplines such as Logistics, Operations, Supply Chain Management, Sales & Marketing, Process, Finance, maritime or International Business programs.

  • We are looking for candidates who are independent and can work independently and be productive.
  • You must be resilient and be able to bounce from when you meet obstacles and setbacks
  • You must be motivated and driven by results, possessing a natural flair for business acumen.
  • Flexibility is a key word, when working in a dynamic environment, operating 24/7.
  • You must be fluent in English. You must possess excellent communication skills and be loyal towards the Program and Wrist as a company.
  • We would favor education over practical experience.


Do you see yourself as a passionate, smart, innovative individual who is willing to learn, gain insight and experience? Do you see yourself as part of a successful global team? If so, apply today!

Sabine Sørensen

Wrist – Aalborg

What are your ambitions for the future?
In two years, I would love to be a true industry expert with successful end-to-end project management experience under my belt as I look to grow into a more senior role – driving Wrist in the right global direction. It is exiting that our company has a strong focus on hands-on experience and continued learning opportunities.


What part of the job makes you smile, or gives you the most job satisfaction?
If you as a person wants an exciting, rewarding and meaningful career in a global business, Wrist Acceleration Program is the place to start. I enjoy being a part of a company with such a global footprint, where I have the possibilities for getting international experience, a steep learning curve with career acceleration focus and a strong cross-functional network with other talents. Everyday gives me new exiting opportunities where I get to increase my skills and knowledge base. For me it is extremely significant to be part of a business, where my thoughts and input is heard and that is for sure happening within Wrist. All doors are always open, and all my colleagues is engaged to help and share experience, which I find very important.

How would a typical day look like for you?
In my current role, there are no typical workdays. It is very project based. The project I am working on now is about Tender Management, which is why my day can consist of both customer contact, analysis, coordination with branches etc. I like to have a working day, where I have the ability to plan my day without following a specific schedule.